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Treason Daddy, Brother in Crime, Real Patriotic Type Stuff - Various - Cities And Countries Volume I: Is This A Dream Or Just Random Sounds Of Awakening (Cassette)


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  2. to our genitals. I painfully remembered my brother sitting robotically while my father attached a bare wire to his penis and then inserted the opposite end in the electrical outlet, sending his little body into uncontrollable spasms. Tears flooded my brother’s eyes and ran down his cheeks as he then was forced to watch as I was electroshocked.
  3. The breathing dead live within their own corpses, a horror beyond description, a horror that bears the agony of both murderer and victim and suffers the indescribable pain of the last rejection, of the self against the self. Alcohol becomes the palliative of choice for the breathing dead.
  4. Brother Vassily was a fuzzy-headed academic, living in the past. And that sister-in-law. She’s already lost her mind, a sumashedshij, a lunatic. But that niece—she’s a real Greek statue—is perfect for this matter, I’m glad I thought of her. Now that she’s ruined her foot she has no .
  5. Mar 05,  · Other countries have cradle to grave health care with excellent care, but those folks pay 40% plus in taxes. So it’s just math whether you’re ahead or behind financially in America. As regards this topic, it might be that people in those countries that go along with giving up such a great percentage of their income for the greater good.
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  8. The Digger Archives Guestbook These are the Guestbook Entries from Please visit the current Guestbook if you would like to leave your own comments. We also have a Discussion Forum where there are threaded topics. The most recent entries are at the top of this listing.
  9. Around the time he was 10, the family relocated to Washington, living in multiple cities. Ward and his older brother, Brandon, played in a band called Green Mountain Boys. Oftentimes, Brandon wrote lyrics and took care of lead vocals, but once, another bandmate sang Lennon’s “Working Class Hero.”.

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